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What is Integrated Healing Arts (IHA)?

Integrated Healing Arts is an association of independent health practitioners united by our common vision of a broader model of health care, one that addresses the whole person. We practice many different modalities and have diverse backgrounds. We come together in mutual respect and a desire to bring healing services to our community.

Larry Freeman, M.D., Nick Zirpolo, Ph.D., Paul Sibcy, M.A., Joe Deisher, and eight others founded IHA in 1990. They held a shared interest in forming a holistic health center. Since that beginning, IHA continues to be a growing, thriving group serving Palo Alto and the greater Bay Area with a wide variety of healthcare choices. 


Modalities and Practitioners

Please browse the Modalities page to learn about our various healing methods. Look at our Practitioners page for brief biographies and find the ones who resonate with you. Then click on the underlined names for more information about their particular approaches. Feel free to call any of us for a brief personal introduction to what we do.


The Value of Teaching

From IHA’s inception, its members have held the perspective that teaching is an important aspect of healing. To this end, IHA maintains an onsite classroom where classes are provided by IHA practitioners and others who want to share their knowledge with the community. Classes in movement, yoga, meditation, Feldenkrais, T’ai chi, Rosen Method, and Qi Gong have been a very important part of the offerings in the classroom. Workshops have been given on different approaches to healing, psychotherapy, sleep, bodywork, shamanic practices, stress reduction, nutrition, men’s groups, energy work, pain management, and wellness. These teachings are beneficial for maintaining optimal health. Please go to Ongoing Classes and Workshops to see the current calendar.


Why contact Integrated Healing Arts?   

IHA is different from other health centers in that we promote health and wellness from a wide variety of perspectives. We teach preventive measures for living a more balanced, harmonious, and healthy life. We also provide symptom relief, through an emphasis on non-drug modalities, for individuals who may need this type of care. In this way, we help individuals feel better, cultivate awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, and empower them with tools to be co-participants in their health.

Contact IHA so we can assist you to become healthier.


IHA, 4153-4161 El Camino Way, Palo Alto, CA 94306  (650) 493-7030
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