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A series of 30 Minute Videos to Support and Improve Deep Health, by Your IHA Practitioners.

  • Mind. How Awareness uses Mind to direct healthful action.
  • Body. Sensing the Body and its vibrant energy expands healing and power.
  • Spirit. Spirit's awareness contains our mind and thoughts, heart and feelings, body and sensations.
  • TCM. 4,000 years of differently effective medicine reveals the workings of qi in acupuncture, herbs, and body-mind relationships.
  • Emotions. Guiding emotions produces real motion for health and inner development.
  • Community. Mutually helpful interactions support our health and immune systems.
  • Body in Motion. T'ai chi, Qi Gong, Feldenkrais® and modern movement to increase health.
  • Nutrition, Herbs and Homeopathy. Getting the healthiest benefits from what we take in.
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