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Bones for Life®

Loss of bone density is associated with decreased weight bearing activity and a loss of stability, strength, and balance. Bones for Life can reverse this decline in activity and function. It stimulates improvement in coordination, strength, and balance. It can help keep your bones strong and your gait feeling springy and lively. It can help you feel more vital, dynamic, and self sufficient. Plus it’s fun!

The movements in Bones for Life are safe and energizing, beginning gently and progressing — the opposite of a slow decline. Based on Dr. Feldenkrais’ approach to somatic learning, Bones for Life focuses on and develops specific movements which improve strength and responsiveness throughout our bodies. By exploring these movements in a safe environment, you will find yourself doing normal actions in better ways. In this way, you can enjoy daily activities with greater confidence and trust in yourself. 

Founder Ruthy Alon says, “Use movement to wake up your natural lively gait.” Click to view these “before and after” YouTube clips of participants in a workshop.

Practitioners: Jean Elvin 650-796-4847

Copyright 2011, Jean Elvin.
Bones for Life® is a registered service mark of Ruthy Alon.


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