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The Sounder Sleep System®

The Sounder Sleep System® is a powerful way to improve your sleep and your well-being. It is taught by over 200 practitioners in Europe and North America. Whether you have trouble falling sleep, staying asleep, or simply would like to awaken more refreshed, this system can teach you what you need to know.

By improving fragmented or inadequate sleep, we can experience benefits such as a stronger immune system, better memory, and improved weight control. The Sounder Sleep System can show you exactly how to achieve the sleep you need. You will learn how to fall asleep quickly and easily at bedtime and return to sleep if you awaken during the night.

Certain gentle physical movements have a powerful tranquilizing effect on your mind and body, bringing you to a profoundly restful state. The Sounder Sleep System utilizes these gentle movements coordinated with your breath, to help you achieve natural restful sleep when you need it. With regular practise, they will be your greatest ally in your quest for more satisfying sleep. They only take minutes a day.

For those suffering from stress induced insomnia, The Sounder Sleep System is the insomnia solution.  For those with more complex sleep problems The Sounder Sleep System can be a powerful ally in your healing process.

Practitioners: Jean Elvin 650-796-4847


Note: The Sounder Sleep System is not a substitute for medical care. If you have a medical condition which causes insomnia, you should seek treatment from a doctor.

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The Sounder Sleep System® is a registered trademark of Michael Krugman.


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