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Integrated TaiChi: Chuan, QiGong, and Beyond

The straighter you get with yourself, the better you feel

Realigning yourself with your inner power

In addition to the physical body that most of us recognize, we humans can be said to have an energy body, a soul: the process-oriented, functional, felt side of ourselves. Traditional Chinese Medicine makes this energetic aspect--Qi--the central essence of effectiveness.

QiGong is exercise for the energy body. QiGong is simple on the outside; that makes it easier to get into yourself and down to the challenge of managing your own metabolism, the source of your Qi. QiGong benefits health, increases strength, and clarifies consciousness.

TaiChi Chuan is a dance of energy: one's own and others'. Deeply rooted in the Martial Arts of traditional China, TaiChi Chuan builds upon the internal energy of QiGong and moves to engage the complex world of external relationships in energetic terms. TaiChi Chuan works best as a long term program. Its depth will abundantly reward your attention.

Joe Deisher has been studying internal systems for nearly 50 years and teaching them for more than 40. He enjoys showing people how to use QiGong and TaiChi Chuan to develop balance, maintain and recover health and integrity, stay in shape, and avoid getting bent out of shape.

Joe offers both morning and evening classes. See Classes for more information.

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