Larry Freeman, M.D., L.Ac., M.B.A.

Family Practice


Combining my skills as a board-certified Family Physician, a licensed Acupuncturist and a Holistic Healer, I have developed a unique practice that bridges the gap between the alternative healing arts and standard medical practice. I am particularly well-known for the treatment of painful conditions where I combine the best of standard medical care with acupuncture, joint manipulation, trigger point therapy, and exercise. The emphasis in my practice is to use methods that enhance and promote healing thus avoiding or eliminating dependence on symptomatic medications that can be harmful and create more illness.

I practice holistic health care - knowing that the state of the body, the emotions and the spirit all contribute to how well we heal from illness by determining the strength of our healing response. Therefore, lifestyle, relationships, personal attitudes and the greater meaning of life - Our Spirit - are all subjects I love to discuss and hopefully provide guidance. Appreciating the need for other forms of healing, I refers patients for massage, biofeedback, emotional and spiritual counseling, and classes in meditation, health education, nutrition and exercise. Thankfully all of these services are available at Integrated Healing Arts.

Teaching people how to live healthy lives and keep themselves well is the supreme form of medicine. To achieve this goal, I and a group of other like-minded practitioners formed INTEGRATED HEALING ARTS. IHA provides on-site classroom space for health education, exercise and personal development classes and programs. Receiving my medical degree from University of California, Irvine in 1972, I had a strong sense that standard medical practice was wanting in the treatment of many of the conditions that family physicians are commonly encountering.

As a result, I sought out training in acupuncture, first apprenticing myself with Merian Lee, L.Ac. and the obtaining a degree from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicing in Oxford, England in 1974. I also become a facility member at STANFORD PAIN CLINIC, Department of Anesthesiology. I have taken hundreds of hours of advanced education in manipulation, trigger point injection and other modalities for the treatment of pain. In the pursuit of becoming a truly effective holistic physician, I have been a constant student of psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, personal growth, relationship issues, meditation, Tai Chi, and the art of living. One of the aspects of Chinese medicine that really attracted me was the belief that the health of the physician was important in his or her effectiveness of treatment. To this end, I have joyfully devoted my personal life.