Nick Zirpolo, Ph. D.


Relationship issues
Depression & anxiety
Pain and medical conditions
Career issues



Dr. Nick Zirpolo took his Ph.D. degree in 1986 in a unique, self-designed program in medical psychology at Stanford University. He is licensed as a clinical psychologist in California.

Before co-founding Integrated Healing Arts in 1990, he trained at Stanford and Santa Clara Valley Medical Centers, and for 8 years he was staff psychologist in Injured Worker Services, Arthritis Center, Occupational Health, and the Pain Clinic at Mills-Peninsula Hospitals. He provides Psychotherapy, Counseling, Consultation, and Psychological Evaluation.

"My orientation in psychotherapy is existential, acknowledging that everyone has to deal with meaning vs. meaninglessness, freedom vs. responsibility, isolation, and death, in different shapes at different times of life. My method is experiential in the here-and-now, and cognitive in generating options to problems. I trained in the Gestalt mode of attending to body and breathing, tension, tone and gaze, as well as the the verbal part of of how we relate to ourselves and the world."