Paul Sibcy

Life Counseling, Spiritual Counseling
Process Acupressure



Paul Sibcy has been a teacher, counselor and body therapist in the Palo Alto Area for over 25 years. A co-founder of Integrated Healing Arts, Paul believes in mind/body/spirit unity, and is a spokesman for integrated health care. His teaching and practice reflect this approach: He sees each individual as an organic, spiritual entity that is in the process of growing and becoming its own fullness of being. He believes that illness--whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual--arises from imbalance, a going astray from the original template of wholeness for that individual. Through process work, acupressure, and spiritual insight, Paul helps his clients contact their original ground of being, their own template of wholeness, and bring it forth in their lives today. He recommends that each individual develop a daily practice that nurtures this path to wholeness.

Paulís own journey to wholeness began in earnest when he experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening in the mountains of Utah in the winter of 1976-77. At that time he realized his spiritual nature as his true reality, and also recognized his calling in life as a healer and teacher. As this spiritual awakening matured, he discovered the path of yoga, and eventually became a meditation teacher and teacher of Kriya Yoga. In addition to his full practice at IHA, Paul is a spiritual teacher, an author on spiritual and holistic subjects, and an international teacher of Process Acupressure.