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Psychotherapy is an inner and interpersonal discovery process, and a sacred journey that accesses our depths to find our truth, and lighten difficulties and discontents. It illuminates hidden issues and shows new paths, in intimate and other relationships. It provides guidance in confronting life's complex situations. It supports our acknowledging and enduring emotional pain, and transforming it into peace, growth and strength.

A trained therapist listens with empathic understanding to be truly present with us in our inner world. This sustains the heart, speaks to the inner self and offers fresh perspectives and strength. It helps us clarify what's hard to see, tolerate and outlast the pain, get a handle on what's tough to grasp, and.find our own harmony and balance,

Mind-body-spirit psychotherapy is an integrated technique of learning to meet new needs authentically with mind, emotions, body and spirit, to evolve and move forward on our individual paths. Mind-body therapy also works with physical/medical conditions to help resolve them through coordinated focus on the meaning of the condition for the individual.

Counseling is a supportive, advising process that helps solve problems, find new approaches to stuck patterns, make more meaningful choices between alternatives such as in career change or assisting an elder parent, and benefit from a more objective counselor who can help bring accumulated human wisdoms to one's needs. Counseling can also extend to consulting for businesses.

Practitioners at IHA

California-licensed therapists at IHA are::

Nicholas Zirpolo, Ph.D., Psychologist
Lori Gortner, M.A., MFT,Marriage and Family Therapist
Sue Peck, M.A., MFT,Marriage and Family Therapist
Dena Anthony, Ph.D., Psychologist

All are able to accept health insurance. Please see their individual listings for detailed information on their areas of interest and specialty.

Areas of Focus at IHA

Areas of focus at Integrated Healing Arts include

  • anxiety, panic attacks and phobias

  • career changes and planning, and vocational testing

  • depression, from individual, interpersonal, work or family situations -

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), for relief of trauma stress patterns, and enhancement of various mental abilities

  • Enneagram personality perspectives on self and other, and counseling

  • Hypnotherapy, for migraine and headache relief, stress management, peak performance, test anxiety, performance anxiety, and habit control or learning,

  • marriage and family therapy, relationship-focused therapy to resolve individual, couples or family problems, or reduce their symptoms, in the shortest time possible

  • medical psychology, dealing with the psychological, work-related, emotional and interpersonal difficulties of serious injury, disability, chronic illness, and chronic pain, in oneself or in a family member.

  • Mind-Body Psychotherapy focus: Mind and body are recognized as aspects of the unified person. Conditions that show up in either one are often linked to conditions in the other. These receive equal attention and concern, and are not treated as separate "mental" vs. "medical" issues.
  • pain management, with visualization, breath work, self-hypnosis, awareness training

  • polyamory, open relationships that may include a primary relationship, and another coexisting intimate relationship

  • relationships, including intimate, family, at work or in school, marriage, divorce and singleship, and others

  • holistic, self-development and spiritual, kriya yoga, meditation, inner path

  • trauma, such as vehicle accidents, crime, abuse, injury, and natural disasters

We also offer

  • Awareness Relaxation Training (A.R.T.), classes for life-long learning, pain management, and inner focusing, in the manner of John Kabat Zinn, Ph.D.

  • Business consulting, including executive coaching, team building and conflict resolution, ADA, and architectural accessibility

  • Creativity unblocking, for writers, artists, musicians/composers, managers and, well, everyone



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