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Spiritual Development

Meditation and Self Realization

A meditation and self-development course has been offered by Paul Sibcy for over fifteen years. The ultimate holistic technique, meditation helps people cut through the "mind forged manacles" of our stress-filled lives and encounter the relaxed stillness that is our basic nature.

A "No Fail" meditation, this class also teaches practical ways for students to work intelligently with their lives to reduce stress, increase relaxation and fulfillment, gain personal power, and improve their health. The course is offered by Pathways to Self Healing, a non-profit spiritual growth organization that is closely aligned with Integrated Healing Arts, and features holistic spirituality. (see

Sunday Mornings for Spiritual Health

Holistic spirituality, offered every Sunday morning in the Holistic Healing Center, 2495 Old Middlefield Road, Mountain View.

Conducted by Paul Sibcy and the Pathways to Self Healing group, this service focuses on self development and spirituality as it relates to everyday life. The service is preceded by a half hour meditation, and includes music and singing, inspirational readings, meditation, a talk by Reverend Sibcy, and a discussion by the participant. Usually attended by under 25 people, the service is non-denominational, emphasizing the unity of all religions. Mediation is from (9:15-9:45am. Service is from 10:00-11:00am.


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